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Welcome to Healthcare Information Management

Healthcare Information Management provides records, information management, and storage solutions to major healthcare facilities as well as many clinics and physician's practices.

The following summarizes our primary health care solutions. Please click on any of the titles for more detail.

Filing Equipment And SystemsColor Coded Medical Records on Quaral by

  • High efficiency storage systems to speed file retrieval and reduce floorspace requirements.
  • Color coded file folders designed to speed file location and reduce misfiles.
  • Chart dividers to neatly organize file contents.
  • Barcode file tracking software to eliminate lost files and automate purging.
  • Chart Conversion services to color coded folder systems


Healthcare Information Management also provides storage solutions for:    Rolling Racks for Pharmacy                                                                                                       

  •    -Pharmaceutical supplies
  •    -Laboratory supplies
  •    -X-Ray records
  •    -Linens
  •    -Medical Library multi-media
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